About Us

Ewing Computer Consulting (now known as Durango Computers, Inc.) launched in 2007 with the intent to serve the four corners area of Colorado and New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. As the business has grown, we now have clients on both US coasts and over seas. In addition to working in the field of Web Design and Development in Durango, CO. our founder Guy Ewing is the bassist for the Badly Bent, Pete Giuliani Band, Sunny and the Whiskey Machine,  and The Great Contention. We might be a group of computer nerds but we also are involved in our local community of musicians and performers. 

We are an independently owned and operated business right in Durango, CO. Our team of experts all work remotely but all of us live here in the four corners.

We pride ourselves on professional work and we want to make sure that you as a customer feel like you are not only a client, but a valued member of our team. We want you to feel confident in hiring us to manage your most precious business needs.


As of October 2020, Guy accepted the position of Director of Engineering for the Durango based MUNIRevs, Inc. As of August, 2021, that position is now Director of Engineering for GovOS.

Happy trails!






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