“Web Development Deals”

Due to the struggle Covid-19 has brought upon many businesses, Durango Computers wants to do our part to help you start fresh, recover & rebuild. To do so, we are currently offering our “Web Development Deals”. We want to see you succeed and know that web development services are expensive but with multiple low rate packages we are here to help curb the stress and get you where you want to be. 

  • Payment plan options are available, if this is something that would benefit your company please let us know during your free consultation.
  • Our packages are introductory rates, all contracts and prices will be reevaluated after 3-6 months of service.   
  • Our packages will be molded into what works best for you and your company. Our goal here at Durango Computers is to keep costs down and assure our customers they are not paying big business prices. Depending on additional services your account requires, our prices could be increased.
  • We are unable to assist businesses revolving around pornogrphic materal, drugs (currently including the CBD market), any illegal activities as well as malware or harmful downloads. Thank you for your understanding

Graphic Design Package:

  • Logo Development
    •  Average Pricing:$150-$300/Hour
    • Our Price: $100 Flat Rate, $20/Edit
  • Website, Social Media & Promotional Material: 
    • Average Pricing: $85-$100/Hour 
    • Our Price:$100-$150 Flat Rate, $20/Edit

Social Media Package:

    • This package has Durango Computers creating and maintaining your social media presence on two of your chosen outlets. We can focus on audience growth & engagement, content development and execution, feedback and word of mouth advertising as well as response quality and rates.
      • Average Pricing: $50-$150/Hour
      • Our Price: $200/Month-max 4 hours
      • $50/Hour-after max hours have been fulfilled

Full Stack Web Design and Development Package:

    • Our web masters have intimate knowledge of front-end software (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and server side software (PHP and SQL). We will use that knowledge to create and maintain an interactive and robust website for your company. 
      • Set up of template and site design-
        • Average Pricing: $800
        • Our Price Options: 
        • Basic site $200 Flat rate
        • eCommerce: $400 Flat Rate
      • Website Maintenance/Programming-
        • Average Pricing: $75-$175/Hour
        • Our Price: $85/Hour
      • Monthly Web Hosting Fee-
        • Average Pricing: $10-$10,000 depending on type of server needed.
        • Our Price: $25/month

SEO Package:

  • Using search engine optimization tools can help drive more customers to your website. Let us use our SEO tools in a way that will get your site recognized by search engines and help you rise above your competition. 
    •  Average Pricing: $650 - 700/month
    • Our Price: $250/Month (3 month contract required)

Are you interested in App Creation & Development or future Studio Recording & Live Sound? Due to the depths of these departments we ask you to contact us for more information so we can give you detailed information that best suits your needs.